Samantha and Lillieanna

Samantha and Lillieanna
Time for Mommy to take Lillianna's last name

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

248 Days until she saids “I DO”.

It is 2018 and we are on for the wedding.  Lots has been done, decided, and in play for the big day.  But there is still lots to do before we get there.

The wedding that was going to take place in the mountains of NC is now being held at home in the Wilmington area.  So much better all the way around.  We will all be here instead of traveling to the mountains, works for me.

The venue has been picked and we are paying on it.  We get if for 48 hours instead of just a few hours.  The caterer has been picked and the food has been decided.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen have all been asked and the positions accepted.

The dress has been purchased and it is BEAUTIFUL.  We did have that moment when we all cried when she put it on.  Very special.

Her colors have been decided on.  The lighting detail is being designed.  Special details are being decided.

Here are a few photos of the dresses that were not chosen.

We had a great time and we all love the dress that was picked.  

Sunday, August 27, 2017

I knew that this time for come.....I prayed for her and her husband to be.  I asked God to prepare the man that would become her husband.  Well, that time has come and I sure hope God heard my prayers cause TJ Hill will have his hands full.  Lol.  They met almost 6 years ago, I guess 8 years ago now.  Nothing was between them but Samantha went to Rocky Mount for her best friend's wedding and Love was in the air.  I remember her coming home and all she could talk about was "TJ".  She told me and her BGF that she was going to marry him.  Then a few months later they found out they were expecting a blessing the following year in March.  Talk about a hard time....Samantha was so sick, and we didn't even know if she was going to get to keep the baby.  But she got better, like 7 months into the pregnancy.  About 4 months in she found out that Lillianna was going to be born with a cleft lip, didn't know if the pallet would be involved or not.  No matter, that baby was so loved and wanted.  The night that she was born was the night that my little girl became a woman.  She changed the instant she saw Lillianna.  Love was all around.

TJ is a great daddy and he works hard to take care of both of them. He finally bought the ring and popped the question on July 10th on top of a mountain.  We couldn't do it on flat land, oh no....let's climb up two miles on the side of a mountain.  Ok, two hours later I made it to the top just so I could see him ask her.  Thought I was going to die.  But it was so worth it and she was so surprised.  I loved it.  The trip down the mountain was just as hard....I told Phil to go on and leave me...I could be food for the bears.  Really!!!!

Anyway, this weekend Samantha, Dana, and I are back up in the mountains looking for wedding venues.  She wants to get married in the mountains.  We live at the beach, people love getting married at the beach but not my girl.  She wants the mountains.  So here we are.  Hope we find just the right place.  Stay tuned for all the fun.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


So, the Hunter saga continues.  Things were really getting out of control, it got to the point that he was not caring about himself or us.  We had told him he had three choices, check into rehab, get help locally, or move out. He went a week and didn't talk to us.  He made the choice to move out.  Ok, that was his be it.   Then he decided not to move out.  We told him he could drive his car to work, but that was it.  We got to where we took his car keys every evening.
Last week he went to watch a basketball game, of course he drank, and while walking home he was attacked.  He was hit on the back of his head, went to his knees, and was kicked in the face.  Nope, don't know who or why.  To make a long story short, he had surgery on his broken jaw, has a concussion, and fractured ribs.

What I want to say is that I know there are going to be blessings to come out of this...first of all Hunter is alive.  He can't smoke for 6 weeks.  And I believe a little light has gone off in his head about his life style.

But...I would love to catch these guys that did this...I really would.  Am I am tired of people telling he that God will take care of them...I know that.  But as a Mother whose son has been so hurt....I want to hurt them.  Would I do it...only In My dreams.  I would make sure the cops got them and pressed charges.  I get so tired of evil people winning.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hunter, Hunter, Hunter

I have become a true redneck.  Well sort of.  Hunter was drunk all night, this morning I found him outside sitting in his truck, drunk.  Window was down, and it was the coldest night of the winter, like 10 degrees.  He wouldn't come in the house, so I told him to stay out there and freeze.  Came back in, got under my blankets to get warm and then I get a phone call. He had driven to my Mother's old house and had walked in.  He was upset because they were doing contrustion work on the house.  The people told him to get out.  The thing that got me was that he was driving and drunk.  I thought I was going to die.  I got in my car to go find him, past him on the road, I turned around and started following him.  He bumped the car in front of him, thank God no damage.  He got home, I got out of my car and went over and started in on him.  I told him to give me his keys, he wouldn't so we started fighting over the keys.  Next thing I knew I was hitting him and I gave him a busted lip.  I just let loose on  him.  If I was a man with the strength I would have knocked him on his butt.  OMG....drinking and drunk.  he was drunk to the point of stumbling.  

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesday night, the 4th.

So here I am sitting on my bed with Cooper, the big white dog.  I am so tired, just want to go to sleep, but brain won't shut off.  I just got done sending out an email about the upcoming classes....
Classes have fallen off, I hate when we take a break cause it takes forever for them to get going full swing.  And I am not picking up any new students.  I keep thinking that I just need to stop classes....but I keep going.  It is really hard to come up with interesting things every week.  I try to introduce new ideas and techniques...but I guess they don't want that.  They seem to want the same One Stroke stuff.  So, I have really been thinking about this.  I think I will stick to one Stroke for the classes, maybe once a month introduce something new and let that be it.  There is plenty of One Stroke stuff out there, so I guess I will do it.  When I am at the Studio I can do different things for me.   How does that sound?

Monday, February 2, 2015

OMG...I finally got on the scales.

UGH!!!!  I knew I have been gaining weight...I didn't want to get on the scales and see the proof, but I did tonight....Shoot me in the head now.  I don't even want to say out loud how much I have gained.  Last week I started trying to take my life back and the weight control is part of it.  Oh my,  but I do love to eat.  I really love to eat.  but I do eat too much, especially at night.  I will get up after going to bed and walk into the kitchen just to get something to eat, and then I go to bed and go to sleep.  I have gained all the weight that I lost years ago....why or why?  I am weak when it comes to my weight and eating.  Like right now Phil is sitting there in his chair eating a piece of cake and I so want to  jump on him and eat it.  I can do this....I can do this....I can do this.  What did I say...I CAN DO THIS.  A pound at a day at a time.